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Retention…..we are the wiser!

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The retention phase of orthodontic treatment refers to the period of care after the braces are removed. Our office prides ourselves in having the most comprehensive post-treatment care available. A high quality retention program is an invaluable benefit because it ensures the long term stability of you or your child’s treated result. Your relationship with us does not end when the braces are removed. We continue to keep a careful watch over your teeth, alignment and bite long afterwards to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

At some time during the retention phase for all adolescent patients a panoramic film (separate charge applies) is taken to assess the wisdom teeth. More often than not, our jaws are not large enough to accommodate these teeth as fully erupted and functional teeth. Commonly, a referral is made to an oral surgeon to have them removed at their earliest stage of development when removal is easiest for the patient and the surgeon and post-operative complications are minimized.

Wisdom Teeth: Should They Stay, Or Should They Go?

We recommend your first appointment as early as 7 years old.

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