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Time for Treatment (11-14)

Teenager at an orthodontics appointment

Teen treatment refers to treatment that occurs during adolescence when all of the permanent teeth are erupted or are erupting with the exception of the wisdom teeth. Typically, the majority of adolescent treatments occur on patients between the ages of 11-14 years when the patient is still growing.

Teen treatment can occur as a single comprehensive phase of treatment or as a second phase of treatment following an early treatment phase.

All teen treatments involve the correction of tooth alignment and bite issues utilizing Invisalign® or "braces" that are bonded or glued to the front surfaces of the teeth. Your child's diagnosis and treatment plan is discussed in detail with you and your child following the collection of diagnostic records.

The active treatment phase of most teen cases extends 12-24 months. It is important that patients comply in a number of crucial ways in order to ensure that treatment is completed on time or earlier.

These important factors are as follows:

Maintaining optimal oral hygiene

In the case of an Invisalign® treatment, wearing the aligners 22 hours/day and changing aligners at prescribed intervals

In the case of braces, maintaining the integrity of the braces and wires by adhering to our food list instructions thereby reducing breakages

Wearing and changing intra-oral elastics to correct bite issues as instructed

Attending at our office on a regular basis for appointments

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