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Many adults believe that they are too advanced in age to have orthodontic treatment, but this is simply not so. Providing the supporting bone, soft tissue and teeth are healthy, orthodontic treatment is possible at any age! Even teeth that have received root canal therapy and/or have crowns/veneers can be moved. Only dental implants cannot be moved since they are designed to fuse to the bone in the site in which they are placed.

There are a variety of available adult treatments that can range from very simple limited treatments utilizing an Express Invisalign® treatment, to more complex cases where either a Full Invisalign® or multibracket treatment may be recommended and for the most severe cases comprehensive multibracket orthodontics combined with jaw surgery.

Whatever the issue is, isn't it time you investigated possible options to improve your smile today? In our experience, the adult patients we treat are very often the most rewarding because they can appreciate the major impact a change to their smile can make. In all of our years of practice, we have never encountered an adult patient who regretted having embarked upon an adult orthodontic program to change their lives for the better- their only regret is not having done it earlier!

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