Instructions for
Removable Retainers

Dr. Luks holding a retainer


The retainer must be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and should only be taken out to brush your teeth. This is important to maintain the correction until the teeth have stabilized.


Remove the retainer to brush your teeth. With the remaining toothpaste on the brush, gently scrub the retainer being careful not to distort the wire. Remember the retainer will collect food and plaque just like your teeth and should be cleaned on a regular basis.


Wear your retainer while you are eating. It may feel a little uncomfortable at the beginning, but you will get used to it. It is important that it not be removed for eating as it can be lost, thrown away or be broken and this may compromise your treatment result.


Do not put the retainer in your pocket, it may break. It should always be in your mouth except when brushing your teeth.


Do not chew any gum or eat sticky foods like; toffee, caramel etc.


Do not leave your retainer lying around if you have dogs. Dogs love retainers – they are a tasty treat!


If your retainer becomes contaminated (e.g. dropped on the floor), do not put it in boiling water to try and sterilize it, it will distort the plastic portion. Simply scrub it with soap or toothpaste and rinse it well under cool water.


Do not wrap it in Kleenex/a napkin as someone may throw it out by mistake.


The only time you should not wear your retainer is during water-skiing and high diving. It is safe to wear your retainer for all other sports.


For the first six months we recommend full time wear. We then recommend that wear be reduced to nights only. 


If at any time there is a problem, please return to our office. This usually does not occur when instructions are followed.


If your retainer should require repair or need to be replaced due to loss, a new dental scan may be necessary. Charges will be applied to your account for these services.

We recommend your first appointment as early as 7 years old.

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